Slewing Bearing / ตลับลูกปืน

Non Gear Slewing bearing (01-series)
Internal Gear Slewing Bearing (11-serie)
Non Gear Slewing bearing (11-series)
Internal Gear Slewing Bearing (02-serie)
Non Gear Slewing bearing (02-series)
External Gear Slewing Bearing (13 serie)
Internal Gear Slewing Bearing (13-serie)
Non Gear Slewing bearing (13-series)
External Gear Slewing Bearing (02 serie)
External Gear Slewing Bearing (11 serie)
External Gear Slewing Bearing (01 serie)
Internal Gear Slewing Bearing (01-serie)
Light-Style Slewing bearing (L-Series)
Triple-Row Roller Slewing Bearings (13-series)

Triple-row roller slewing bearings can be used in the most load requirements with narrow required space.
Besides synthetic spacers, if demanded cages can be offered in synthal, steel, viton or brass. Special seal and surface handling like zinc plating, painting ensures applications for off-shore.
This series requires corresponding design and heat treatment of the raceways. thanks to the higher running reliability, stability and long durability, it is widely used in heavy-duty machinery.

Applications: Deep boring equipments, fire fighting vehicles, steel plant equipment, self loading trucks, consturction machinery like cranes and other machinery and equipment.

Double-Row Ball Slewing Bearings (02-Series)

Normal double-row ball slewing bearings have eight point raceways with either same or different balls.
This series is widely used in heavy machinery, wind energy blade bearings and heavy construction machinery etc.
Preloads, precision classes, special cages or seals & hardened gears can all be individually manufactured, according to your needs.
With high requirements on design, technology and production, this series is used in heavy encumbrances , but because of low demand of installation and connection, it is more economical and practical than triple-row roller slewing bearings.

Applications: Pitch bearings (blade bearings), cranes, excalvators, construction machines, other machines and equipments.

Cross-Roller Slewing Bearings (11-Series)

Cross-roller slewing bearings with single-row roller raceway angle of 45°. More evenly preset potentiometer by different encumbrances and higher dynamic life than same constructed ball slewing bearings. Since the product requires higher precision in manufacturing, the costs are higher compared to the ball slewing bearings. But thanks to the higher running accuracy and the well-proportioned turn, it is used widely.

Applications: Robots, antennas, medical equipments, machine tools, filling and packing machines.

Single-Row Ball Slewing Bearings (01-Series)

With internal, external and without gears. The products can be processed with special requirements, such as: teeth cage and surface or full teeth quenching, preload, centering, special seal (warm fluorination seal, double labium seal, iron seal, iron and copper spacer or holder), etc.

Applications: Handling equipments, platform lifts, yaw bearings, rotary tables, cranes, excavators and other construction machines, welding construction, manufacture equipment and construction engineering.

Light-Style Slewing Bearings (L-Series)
Light-Style Slewing Bearings (L-Series)
Light-Style Slewing Bearings (L-Series)

Slew Ring Bearings

Statewide Bearings can offer a selection of Slew Ring Bearing products. Slewing rings are specialised bearings that can simultaneously accommodate axial and radial forces, as well as overturning moments imposed by off-centre loads, while providing full, partial rotation or oscillation.

Statewide Bearings can provide site based Slew inspections and reports coupled with a refurbishment service if the bearings are deemed suitable.

Slewing rings are most commonly used for,

- Cranes
- Elevated work platforms
- Wind turbines
- Turntables in automated or robotic processes

Slewing Rings are found in a wide range of applications throughout the commercial industry.

Our slewing ring range includes:

- Integral mounting holes for easy installation
- Integrated internal or external gear (if required)
- Hardened raceway
- Ground raceway for all precision type bearings
- Optional gear hardening
- Weight and space saving design
- Design consultancy
- Special bearings manufactured upon request

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