Mitsubishi Electric Low Voltage Products

Mitsubishi Electric is pioneering a new future for circuit breakers, working to realize market globalization by responding to international needs with products that offer enhanced ease of operation and high performance, are developed with consideration for the environment in mind, and that comply with JIS, IEC, EN, GB, and UL/CSA standards.

Mitsubishi Electric will continue its efforts to pioneer the future of circuit breakers based on the theme, "Wide Selection & Better Performance." We will utilize our innovative technologies and accumulated know-how to introduce uniquely advanced products to the market.

Mitsubishi Frequency Inverters

- Conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications
- An open and flexible drive platform
- A broad product range geared to the needs of the market
- Simple operation and configuration
- Optimised control and data management
- Outstanding product reliability

Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controllers

Worldwide compatibility

thanks to their wide power supply range the FX controllers can be used all over the world

Internationally approved

MELSEC FX controllers conform to all major international industrial standards and maritime classifications

Flexible solutions

the base unit can be combined with optional expansion and special function modules to configure a system that is precisely geared to the needs of your application

Simple programming

complex functions can be combined and executed with a single instruction


the entire FX family has always set the standards for execution speed (FX3U: 0.065┬Ás per logical instruction)


The lines in the FX family are different and independent products, but they are still fully compatible with one another